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Polish and German Cinema at the Frontier of Cultures

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Polish and German Cinema at the Frontier of Cultures


Implementing Institution:

WBZ, Trier University, Polish Cultural Society

Funding institution:

Polish-German Science Foundation

Project director:

Andrzej Dębski, PhD

Implementation period:

15.10.2010 — 30.09.2015

Members of the research team:

prof. Andrzej Gwóźdz (Silesian University), prof. Martin Loiperdinger (Trier University), Magdalena Abraham-Diefenbach (doctoral candidate at the WBZ) and Sarah Schneider (doctoral candidate at the WBZ)


It is the aim of the project to elucidate the connection between and the approximation of Polish and German cinema. It is not only concentrated on traditional problems in film studies with regard to creators and their works, artistic schools and formats, but the topic "cinema" is dealt with on a broad base – as a complex of technique, society and culture. Great emphasis is put on the Polish-German border regions, using the methodology of regional cinematic history.


In the context of the project, a number of scientific and popular scientific initiatives have been taken. Besides numerous publications that are developed (both collaborative works and monographies, among them doctoral dissertations), exhibitions and film shows are organized.


In 2011, an international conference with the title "Polish and German cinema at the frontier of cultures" was held. Its outcome was the book "En route to the neighbor. Polish-German cinematic encounters", (redacted by A. Dębski, A. Gwóźdź and Atut Publishing, Wrocław 2013), published by the CSNE in the series "Germany – Media – Culture".

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